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* Manufacturing Engineering Services *

* Medical - Consumer - Aerospace - Industrial - Research And Development *


Custom Tooling And Fixturing Services:

On-Site Audit of Manpower, Machinery, Materials, Geometry, Tolerances, Design Specification Requirements And Production Lot Quantities Provides Exacting Design Parameters For Optimum Workholding, Cutting Tool Development, Inspection Systems and Automated Material Handling, All Tailored To Your Specific Requirements.

* Cutting Tool Design And  Or Build

* Machine Tool Workholding, Fixture And Jig Design And Or Build

* Inspection Tooling, Gaging And Systems Design And Or Build

* Optical Comparator Overlay Design And Or Build

* Test Fixture (Life Cycle, Fatigue, Harmonic, Destructive, etc.) Design And Or Build


Manufacturing Processes:

Enhancement And Troubleshooting

* Set-up Reduction Programs

* Family Of Parts Reviews

* Process Strategies

* Process Document Packages

* Process Troubleshooting, Debug and Document

* NC-CNC Programming

* Post Processor Development


System Integration Services:

* Work Cell (FMS / DMS) Design and Implement

* Custom Automation Applications Design And Or Build

* New Equipment and Systems Installation and Prove-Out

* Facility Design


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