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* Medical / Surgical Device Design Services *

- Custom and Standard Orthopaedic Instrument and Implant Design Services -


* Process Overview of Services :

        "All services are tailored to your specific products needs. We can perform all or portions of the process as required ."


    - Brainstorm with in-house Product and Project Managers, consulting Surgeons, Marketing and Sales representatives to develop base requirement.

    - Develop conceptual hand sketches for review to validate base ideas.

    - Provide concept level 3D CAD Models and 2D Layout Drawings illustrating new concepts for Engineering and Surgeon review and markup.

    - Produce and assemble rapid prototype components and assemblies for evaluation and presentation.

    - Research appropriate materials and processes to fulfill mechanical and procedural requirements of concepts.

    - Provide formal production 3D CAD modeling and 2D detailed drawings to support full scale development of projects.

    - Perform tolerance and dimensional analysis on designs and check drawings for completeness and compliance.

    - Produce additional rapid prototypes of formalized design for additional evaluation and presentation.

    - Interface with in-house model shops, prototype and production operations and outside vendors to insure compliance and delivery schedules are met.

    - Provide liaison and first article inspections for all vendor fabrication activities for detail and assembly of prototype to ensure compliance to engineering specification.

    - Provide assembly, functional test and documentation services of components and assemblies.

    - Assist in product testing thru participation in sawbones sessions, cadaver studies and patient surgery as required.

    - Research and prepare reports on progress of projects and present to customer as required.

    - Conceptualize, design, build and validate life cycle testing apparatus as required to support projects.

    - Provide DHF/ Design Control Documentation As Required.

    - Coordinate between Corporate Engineering, Internal and External Legal Departments on IP related issues and submissions relative to products designed.




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