Advanced Design And Manufacturing Concepts, Inc.


"ADMC, Inc. is an engineering services firm specializing in

cost effective partial or full turn-key outsourcing solutions.

We can provide flexible services tailored to your organizations

specific needs that will fulfill a broad range of solutions for today’s

demanding product development and sustained product environments."


* Virtual thru Physical Prototypes

* Hand Sketches / 3D Modeling / Digital Mockup 

* Individual Component thru Complete Assembly Design

* Mechanical / Electro-Mechanical Assembly Conceptualization, Design, Layout and Verification

* 3D Modeling And Complimentary Drawing Document Packages Per ANSI-Y14.5M 1994 / ASME Y14.100 Or To Your Company Drawing Standards

* Tolerance Analysis  And Documentation / Validation Of Components Thru Full Assemblies

* Modification To Or Troubleshooting Of Existing Designs

* Kinematics Analysis / FEA Services / Motion Studies And Documentation

* Human Factors / Ergonomics Studies

* RP Process (SLA, LOM, SLS, etc.) thru Full Functional Test Models

* Reverse Engineering / Analysis / Autopsy Reports

* Vendor / Supplier Audit Services

* 1st Piece Validation Thru Functional Test to Production Lots

* Drawing Conversion Packages From 2D to 3D

* CAD Implementation Services

* Computer Based Model Rendering



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