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Pro / Engineer Services

3D Modeling And 2D Documentation Services


* Hand Sketches / 3D Modeling / Digital Mockup / VIRTUAL prototypes / Individual Components thru Complete Assembly Modeling ;

Partial, Incremental Through Total Project Capabilities. After a brief discussion to define your end goals, together we set the pace and final outcome of your project. Your sketches or ours, your concept or product models and or drawings or some combination as a starting point and we take it from there.


* 2D Drawing Document Packages Per ANSI Y14.5M -1994, ASME Y14.100 (MIL-STD-100) Or To Your Company Standards ;

Products involving single components thru large scale assemblies can be defined and modeled and upon acceptance by you the customer, we can develop 2D Drawing Document Packages that define your design and manufacturing goals.

We have decades of experience performing tolerance analysis and successful use of G, D & T per ANSI Y14.5M to identify design intent.


* Modification Of Existing Pro/Engineer Files ;

We can work with your existing data and your Engineering Team to define your requirements and update your existing Pro Files to match your needs. Older drawings can be updated to include G, D & T Per ANSI Y14.5M 1994.


* Tolerance Analysis / Motion Studies / Validation Of Components Or Full Assemblies ;

We can take your existing designs or create new stripped down versions and model them at MMC and LMC to validate critical key characteristics of clearance, interference or range of motion.

This "Hard Copy Analysis" strategy has shown itself to be a powerful tool to many of our customers who are required to maintain design history files justifying their design intent and decisions.


* Legacy Data Conversion Of Your Companies Existing 2d Or 3D Files To Pro/E Format ;

Revision 20 through Wildfire 2, 3 & 4 Currently Operating In-House. You can supply anything from hand sketches to full production 2D Drawings on paper, scanned paper or 3D files exported in your native application, or one of the many neutral formats currently available (IGES, Step, Etc.).


* CAD Implementation / Training Services ;

If you Are a new or existing Pro/Engineer customer and have investigated the timelines and costs of implementation or training services and are in sticker shock, give us a call. 


* Digital Rendering In Pro/Photorender ;

Not the cutting edge, but getting better with each release and can provide more than acceptable results creating images for early stages of sales or marketing analysis or for cost effective advertising.



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