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Note: Below are some links to individual project pages showing examples of product designs and descriptions of services rendered for some of the projects that ADMC has handled for clients. It is impossible to show you the scope of all capabilities available to you the potential client, as services are always tailored to your specific needs.

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Medical Device, Surgical Instruments And Implants:

Femoral Knee Alignment / Sizing Guide:


Femoral Knee Resection Blocks:

Navigation Ready 30 Offset Acetabular Reamer Extension Handle:

Inline Acetabular Reamer Handle, Alignment Guide and Cup Impactor:

IM Reamers and Broaches, Standard and Custom:

Titanium Humeral Stem Set:

Circular and Reciprocating Saw Blades and Rotary Cutters:


Custom Retractors And Retraction Devices:

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Energy Research:

Ocean Wave Energy Converter:

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Ocean Current Energy Converter:

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Pressure Relief Valves:

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Pivot Trunnion Mount for Hydraulic Cylinder:

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Lab Test Equipment:

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Water Proof Electronics Enclosure:

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Fixture Design, Process Development and Custom Cutting Tools:

Quick Change Fixturing for 500MM Palletized CNC HMC:

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Custom Insert Spade Drill:

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Flatness gage / Drill Jig:

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Consumer Goods:

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Automotive / OEM, Aftermarket, Custom and Off Road:

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